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Cleaning & Sweeping

The Metro Sweeping division of Pavement Maintenance, Inc., is the premier sweeping company in the Portland/Vancouver metropolitan area. We have the professional staff and equipment to help you with your sweeping needs, from a one-time project to an ongoing maintenance program. We provide fast and friendly written estimates free of charge.

An unkempt paved lot may also develop bigger problems for its' owner than trying to provide a good impression to customers, clients, neighbors, tenants, and more.

Loose gravel and dirt tends to act as a giant piece of sandpaper on your asphalt as vehicles drive over it. This will substantially reduce the life of your asphalt and in turn create a need for an expensive repair.

Broken Glass, wet papers, loose leaves, discarded food, and other items that are found in parking lots can all lead to safety and possibly sanitary hazards. People may slip and fall, runoff drains may clog and backup, a giant outbreak of illness due to germs! .... Well, you get the picture.

The following is a listing and brief explanation of the types of sweeping that we can provide:

Vacuum Sweeping - Parking Lots

Our vacuum sweepers are giant wet/dry vacuum cleaners intended to clean paved surfaces. A vacuum sweeper will remove dirt, dust, bark dust, paper, cigarette butts, glass, and other small debris. We use backpack blowers and mechanical gutter brooms to move debris away from corners, curbs, vehicles, and other obstructions to an area where the truck can remove it. This service should be scheduled during off-hours when the fewest amounts of vehicles are present.

Construction Sweeping

We use two types of trucks for construction sweeping.

  1. The first is a vacuum truck similar to the trucks for parking lot sweeping, but much larger and more powerful. This truck is intended to pickup larger sized gravel and small pieces of solid debris such as rocks and wood.
  2. The second is a broom truck. This truck uses a wide rear broom and mechanical elevator to remove larger debris such as rock and wood.

Water Truck Flushing

Our truck is capable of not just wetting down the pavement but of generating a water stream to move debris (much like a water hose on a fire engine). We use our water truck in cases where debris, such as mud, is packed down and not able to be removed by a sweeper. We also provide dust control in areas that become very dry and dusty. Our truck has also been used creatively by cleaning astro-turf and filling swimming pools.

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